Mutant Moonbirds Mint

Moonbirds Bringing something new to the world of NFTs

Moonbirds is a one-of-a-kind NFT project that has 10,000 PFP avatars in its collection. What makes Moonbirds so special is that each NFT is created from a pool of traits, meaning that each one is unique.

However, that’s not all that Moonbirds has to offer. Each NFT also unlocks multiple perks and allows you to be a part of the exclusive Proof Collective Club. So if you’re looking for something special and different, Moonbirds is definitely the project for you!

Your Moonbirds are Nesting

Nesting is a feature of Moonbirds that allows you to lock up your Moonbirds without leaving your wallet. While nesting, Moonbirds unlock multiple benefits for the holder.

The key to the Proof Collective

Moonbirds is a project created by Proof in order to bring people together and create a community that can help shape the future of the project. As a Moonbirds owner, you get to join the Proof Collective Discord in order to take part in these events and get access to exclusive rewards.

Moonbirds is an Ethereum NFT collection created by Kevin Rose, the founder of the proof collective. The project stands out amongst the crowded NFT space as one of the most successful NFT collections. Moonbirds achieved the coveted Bluechip status days after its launch. With investors desperate to get their hands on their own Moonbird, the project’s secondary sales have skyrocketed since its launch, making it one of the most successful NFT collections to date.

Moonbirds is a pixelated picture of an owl created using multiple traits from a randomized pool. This is done to ensure that each Moonbird is unique.

What is the Proof Collective and why are people so eager to join?

Proof Collective is a project founded by entrepreneur and NFT bigshot Kevin Rose. The initiative is to build a community around NFT projects, offering its members special perks like early access to NFT drops.

In 2021, the Proof Collective offered membership to 1000 users at the price of 5ETH each. These members were guaranteed a spot and the ability to mint 2 Moonbirds.

How to Buy Moonbirds?

Moonbirds NFT can be bought from marketplaces such as Opensea and Looks Rare. Each marketplace will have its own costs attached to the transactions.

To buy a moonbird, connect your metamask wallet to opensea. Then, you can either bid on an auction of moonbirds or buy a moonbird that is listed directly for sale.

Moonbirds Mint

A Moonbirds mint is an event where new NFTs are created and sold. The price of NFTs at the event was 2.5 ETH. 2000 NFTs were reserved for the Proof Members, and 125 NFTs were reserved by the Proof Collective for marketing purposes.

Why are Moonbirds so famous?

Moonbirds have focused on creating an exclusive community.

Moonbirds and scope for growth

The NFT market seems to be slowing down. How do moonbirds plan to stay profitable? bran deals like Bored apes

Jimmy Falon: The Boy who found a Moonbird

The Moonbirds project was launched and a Moonbird was transferred to Jimmy Fallon’s Ethereum wallet. Shortly after the transfer, Fallon tweeted “Fly Moonbirds fly!” It is unclear how Jimmy Fallon got his Moonbird, as the Proof collective team denies any knowledge of sending Fallon any Moonbirds for free. However, this is not the first time an NFT project has given Jimmy a free token; since Jimmy Fallon talked about his Bored Ape NFT on live TV, multiple projects have sent him NFTs in hopes of garnering publicity.

Moonbirds have also gained a ton of critics. Lots of people in the nft space have criticized 

Although moonbirds Devs have promised the users will it be enough to save the popularity of the project? This is an important question and will determine the value of further proof projects. 

Do Moonbirds have lasting value?

There are already companies that are giving out loans to people as Moonbirds as collateral 

Moonbirds are filling an important space in the NFT community. 

Do you own the copyright to Moonbirds?

The Moonbirds team has implemented a secure smart contract for the development of their own contracts. Since each Moonbird is distinct and cannot be partitioned, it has implemented the ERC 721 standards.

The Moonbirds smart contract is designed to be gas efficient. This is achieved by features such as single signatures to address trying to mint the NFT, and not enforcing a buyer limit. The NFT contract also further limits the upper bound cost of gas, to keep fees minimal.

The Moonbirds smart contract uses the ERC721 standard to mint unique NFTs. Each NFT is represented by metadata that includes different traits associated with the image, like the bird’s body type, feathers, headgear, etc.

The Moonbirds smart contract uses the token URI function to call the metadata stored off-chain. The contract represents the JSON code in natural language. For example, Moonbirds #668 will have the following metadata associated with it.

  • Feathers: Legendary Sage

On Dapps like opensea, we can compare the metadata of Moonbirds throughout the entire collection and figure out the rarity of the traits.

When Moonbirds are minted, a unique identifier is applied to each token to help identify the owner of the token.

The Moonbirds framework

The Moonbirds protocol is a great way to build fast dapps on the Ethereum blockchain. Using the Moonbirds codebase, dapps can be created that provide a fast user experience on all operating systems and devices.

The Moonbird software can be used to build the user interface for any front-end framework, including HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

 Installing Moonbirds

To install Moonbirds, you will need to first install node.js and npm. Node.js is a javascript runtime library built by the OpenJS foundation. Once you have installed node.js and npm, you can use the command line to install Moonbirds. You can also install Moonbirds via your browser by visiting the Moonbirds website.

To install Node.js, run the command npm install moonbirds –v3.13.1. Use the upgrade command if a lower version of Moonbirds is installed on your computer.

This will install a local version of the moonbirds simulator, which will make the deployment of our smart contracts faster and safer. The entire installation process will run deterministically.

The Moonbirds A. I will allow users to deploy smart contracts of unlimited size, but will only process one request at a time. Once the Moonbirds chain ID is configured, the id of the network will be returned by the RPC using the net_version method. The Moonbirds CLI will create hardfork rules with a set of block times, and new contracts will be minted instantly.

The Moonbirds team has set the ‘eager’ instamine command as the default for minting NFTs. This will make the process of minting NFTs much easier.

Moonbirds uses a special feature to observe the calls made by the contracts and return the responses promptly. This allows for faster and more accurate responses to be given to the user.

To build moonbirds using docker, simply download the preconfigured docker image and run it using the docker CLI. The Docker image has preconfigured runtime variables.

How to monitor events for multiple smart contracts using Moonbirds?

The users must use the hashmap to invoke the address of the wallet used during the minting process in order to monitor multiple smart contract events. This will log the message sender event and return the withdrawal address of the self-minter.

How to interact with the smart contract using JS?

Use Monbirds to get the RPC turenode.class, once the test RPC validates the credentials of the account each class will call a function to send the data from the smart contract to the blockchain. 

The Moonbirds easyserve app is used for communication by NFT holders. The app registers new users by getting their wallet addresses and verifying the chain addresses of the NFTs in the Moonbirds collection. If a Moonbirds NFT is present in the wallet, the app authenticates the user by invoking the owner-of-function of the NFTs minted through the Moonbirds smart contract.

Easyserve monitors the transfer of NFTs in users’ wallets. If an NFT is transferred from a user’s wallet, leaving no other Moonbirds NFTs, the user’s access to the server is revoked. This ensures that only users who own at least one Moonbirds NFT can participate in the conversation.

Users are given the option to sign in to Moonbirds through their metamask wallet for easier access. This way, they won’t have to enter their seed phrase every time they want to use the app.

How is the address of a Moonbirds Ethereum contract computed?

The address of the Moonbirds contract can be computed by calling the nonce function on the testnet contract. The nonce function will return the address of the Moonbirds smart contract. This address can be used to call the contract or to send Ether to it.

When creating your moonbirds smart contract, be sure to pay close attention to the number of variables you are calling. Too many variables can cause problems with the stack, which may be outside the scope of erc20. Moonbirds usually solve this problem by putting the local variable into an array, which allows the compiler to optimize the flow.

Benefits of using Moonbirds:

  • Moonbirds grant full ownership of the minted NFTs to the user. 
  • NFTs can be staked without leaving the user’s wallet.
  • Moonbirds uses a secure pipeline to communicate ensuring the safe transfer of data.
  • Moonbirds smart contract supports gasless minting.
  • Data can be efficiently stored off-chain.
  • Optimized gas costs on Ethereum and polygon networks
  • Moonbirds offer a bug bounty program.